Local Snaps Photography | OurProcess
Step one-what’s on your mind?
Contact us and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out, tell us a few things about yourself and what you would like to do for your session and when you are free.  Who will be in the photos?  What did you want to do with the photos? (Hang them? Send out as postcards? Give to extended family? Photo album? Download and share)

Step two-planning and brainstorming
We follow up with suggestions and locations convenient for you (theme, color palettes, links), we know lots of hidden gems around San Diego we would love to share with you if you're on vacation or we can keep it close to home at a nearby park or field.

We will also set a time and date (deposit due).
Photography is ALL about light.  The best natural light is in the early morning or late afternoon. These are the best times to schedule sessions but we can work around your schedule if necessary.  We are available 7 days a week.  Sessions can also go over into night/flash sessions for additional styles and creativity.

Step three-picture day!
We meet at the designated spot and shoot away.  We like lifestyle shots that show you naturally enjoying each other’s company, but we’ll also include a few posed portraits for the traditionalist ;)  
Sessions will typically take about an hour unless you want to change outfits or locations, all up to you.  Feel free to bring snacks or toys for the kiddos.

   JMB_Baptism-89JMB_Baptism-89 Portraits (8 of 14)Portraits (8 of 14) JMB_Baptism-18JMB_Baptism-18 JMB_Baptism-59JMB_Baptism-59

Step four-picture pickings
We go through all the pictures taken during your session and retouch and enhance the ones we think are the best.  We’ll share some sneak peeks in between but all of your pictures will be visible in a private on-line gallery within two weeks.  Form here you can download web resolution files for sharing and web-based slide shows or order gallery quality prints, canvases, metallics or novelties.
You may also request all of our raw, unedited files from your session for an extra fee.